Internet marketing is now a crucial piece of just about any business’s marketing mix. There are a few marketing options with efficiency, reach and speed in mind yet they are not always available within the same solution.

The year will prove to be another year in which an array of Internet marketing vehicles, tools and techniques will continue to increase. To help you capitalize on the opportunities, here are 5 hot Internet trends that you should consider when planning your marketing initiatives throughout the year:

1. Design Does Matter

Design matters, because design sells. Just look at the success of Apple, Nike. Pinterest, or Ikea All four websites are stunning, and that’s no coincidence. Apple is the most valuable company of all time. It actually carries very few products, though. It’s the design and status that fuels Apple’s value. Nike is a shoe and apparel company, yet pays just as much attention to the design of its website, videos and ads as much as to anything else. Focus on excellent design for all of your internet marketing in 2013.

Without getting deep into the legal mumbo-jumbo, you are allowed to send email newsletters to customers and clients who have registered their email address with you previously. Chances are that you already have some sort of customer database, so why not make good use of them with an email marketing newsletter?

2. Content quality over quantity

Search engines look for and reward a websites content quality, relevancy, freshness, and engagement. A site’s content should be unique, engaging, and relevant and can generate social signals. Quality content can help customers easily find what they’re looking for, improve SERP placement, and in the end drive higher conversions.

3. Aim high in search engine rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tells search engines what your site is about so it ranks in the free listings. Your site must be optimised for the search engines or you have to compensate by paying huge dollars in advertising as your page fails to show up for business search terms. This means it has to be a high quality website with quality code and the copy has to include keywords your customers are searching for.

4. The Multi-Screen World

With 86% of mobile internet users actually using their devices while watching TV, and with tens of thousands of Tweets PER SECOND being issued as TV viewers watched their favourite singers win Awards at The Grammy’s, it’s clear that we all live in a multi-screen world. Make sure that your internet marketing accounts for not just desktop computers, but ALL screens.

5. Special Deals and Rewards

This will be a year of bargain hunting because the economy is still recovering and consumers have more price-checking tools at their fingertips. So use your marketing to attract shoppers with unbeatable deals. Then seek profits by generating repeat sales and referrals from your new customers. Also, be ready to respond with instant price reductions or other incentives when shoppers use mobile devices to compare retailers' prices.